About Us


The Environment Network is a non profit organization working with communities, the public, and all levels of government to ensure a healthy and sustainable environment*


”Changing the world one purchase at a time.”

We believe that you can change the world one purchase at a time by shopping wisely, buying fair trade, sweatshop free, locally made, organic and natural whenever possible.

We offer unique products that you will feel good about purchasing and giving as gifts. When you choose to buy from us, or other green and ethical businesses you are saying NO to sweatshop labor, cutting corners, corporate handouts and pollution.

Say yes to fair wages in the local context, yes to sustainable farming, yes to sustainable business practices, yes to social enterprise, yes to organic, green, natural and good. Yes. The decision to open the Shoppe came about as a result of our staff having difficulty finding products locally that satisfy our everyday needs and wants in terms of environmental concerns and overall sustainability.

How can an organization promote sustainability when it’s not easy for us to do? A great deal of time and work went into researching each item and their individual ingredients. We want to make it easy for people to do the right thing. Our goal is to give people the tools to make good purchasing decisions wherever they are.

We will also be conducting ongoing workshops on various subjects including: Children’s Health and the Environment, Green Cleaning, Build your own Rain Barrel, Sustainable Building and much, much more.

We are constantly adding more inventory.  If you need something and we do not have it please email us at info@environmentnetwork.org and we will notify you once it is in.

*Includes the natural, physical, social, economic and cultural environments.