A Wish for Haiden

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Haidan lives with his aunt and cousin in the kingdom of Kempenfelt. While his lazy cousin spends the whole day playing and having fun, Haidan labors over endless chores. Every day Haidan's aunt orders him down to the lake to catch fish for supper. His aunt explodes with anger when she discovers that Haidan, feeling sorry for the fish, often releases his catch back into the lake. On one particular day, Haidan's aunt warns him, in no uncertain terms, if he come without fish for supper.. Haidan gets the surprise of his life when he catches a huge and striking fish that begins to talk to him. The fish informs Haidan that she can grant him three wishes on one condition. He must bring the Ribbon of Life back to the lake. Haidan is puzzled as he has no idea what the fish is talking about. Meanwhile, Haidan's lazy cousin, overhears the fish's conversation. His cousin immiediately orders Haidan to make wishes that benefits him and his mother. Haidan points out that he can't make any wishes as he knows nothing about the Ribbon of Life. Haidan's cousin tells him to go ask King William the Wise. Haidan's decision to find out from the King of Kempenfelt about the Ribbon of Life, will bring astonishing changes in his life.