Georgian Bay Soapworks Deodorant

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We pride ourselves on our natural deodorant.  100% pure and natural, it's a great choice for everyone.  Why not start your young teen off right too?

Some of our deodorants are packaged in backyard compostable, recyclable tubes.

Push up on the bottom of the tube.  It may need a little wiggle the first time to get it working.

A little goes a long way.  We recommend just a couple of swipes to each underarm and let it absorb or dab with a tissue before dressing.

If you're having trouble getting the deodorant tube started we find it works well if it is heated up a little.  We placed the tube in a propane oven with just the heat of the pilot light for 15 minutes and it worked great.  You can use a microwave but since we don't have one we can't give you an exact time. Just keep an eye on it and don't overheat. 

Our deodorant contains high quality oils and butters as well as local beeswax.