The Blue Bottle

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Rose Larsen lived by herself in a small house surrounded by her beautiful gardens and towering trees.

On curb rescue day Rose became very excited when she finds a beautiful, blue bottle just perfect for her fresh flowers. As she is cleaning out the blue bottle her excitement soon turns to horror. A massive scaly monster towers in front of her. He informs Rose that he hates trees. He plans to transform all the forests into deserts by ripping out all the trees in the world. For his first job he plans to rip out all the trees in Rose's backyard. Rose who loves nature and especially trees is horrified. She explains to the monster the importance of trees to people and animals, but the monster is undeterred. He points out to Rose he does not care about other animals, but only cares about himself. After he has destroyed all the trees in Rose's backyard he plans to head to Brazil and destroy the Amazon rain forest. It is up to Rose to figure out how to stop this creature from turning the world into an uninhabitable desert.